Carry Your Potential

Bag everything you need at a student discount. Let us sprinkle a little joy on your semester with a bag that's got it all.


Thank you for choosing your career, whether you're in allied health, education, or something similar, you have chosen a truly rewarding career and I am here for it! To help you transition to your full-time certified profession, placement or student work, Bambi Bags is proud to offer a special discount of 15% off for university students.

I know first hand how much I loved a good deal when I was a uni student!

To verify you're currently a student please upload a photo your uni ID or enrolment status that includes the current year or graduation year. If you have difficulty completing the form please email us directly at bambibags@hotmail.com.
After we verify it, you will receive a unique 15% discount code linked to your email to use on your total order.