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What is the discount?

To make it easy to understand here is a breakdown of our exclusive commercial discounts, inclusive of custom business logo add-ons:
  • Spend over $2,500 get 20% off
  • Spend over $3,000 get 25% off
  • Spend over $3,500 get 30% off
Example 1: If you buy a minimum of 12 custom logo Bambi Bags you get 20% off. This means you go from RRP $2,628 to $2,102.40 with complimentary shipping!

Example 2: If you buy a minimum of 20 non-custom logo Bambi Bags you get 20% off. This means you go from RRP $2,580to $2,064 with complimentary shipping!

An automatic discount with complimentary shipping will be applied at the check out.

How do I add my business logo?

Email us with the following: 
  • Colour(s) of bag you want embroidered.  
  • Quantity of bag for each colour. We have a  minimum of 4 bags for embroidery orders. 
  • Attach a copy of your logo in JPEG, PNG, or PDF file.  
We will make a mock design of your logo on your selected colour bag and communicate with you via email to ensure you're happy with the size and positioning of your logo!

What is the turn around time?

Bambi Bags is proudly partnered with a local embroidery company here at Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast. We ask you to allow up to 3 weeks for your custom logo to be embroidered.

This means 3 weeks for embroidery plus another 5-7 days for handling and shipping.

This is an estimated timeframe only. Embroidery and delivery time may vary depending on order volume, external factors such as business trading hours, and public/show holidays.

What should I consider when adding my logo onto Bambi Bags?

We want to make sure you love your branded Bambi Bag. Please click here to read about some considerations to have in mind when picking your Bambi Bag colour according to your logo.

Can I preview a design before purchasing?

Of course! Send us an email or DM on instagram and we will send a mock design of your logo on your chosen Bambi Bag. We always communicate with you before sending it off to get embroidered. 
What's the cost and what's included in the cost of adding a logo?
The cost of adding your logo is $90 per bag.

We want to make the process of adding your logo as easy as possible for you. However, it's important to acknowledge the physical demands associated with embroidering your logo. 
The cost of adding your logo involves:
  • Colour matching your logo to threads. 
  • Setting up the embroidery machine with stitching and threads specific to your logo. This means the embroidery team has to reset the machine each time they embroider a new logo.
  • Picking up and dropping off your Bambi Bags to get embroidered at a local embroidery warehouse.
  • Handling and shipping.

Submit your logo enquiry below:

After we receive your enquiry we will send back a quote. If you are unable to successfully submit an enquiry please email us directly at

Here are 5 reasons why you should add your business logo:

  • It can increases business visibility

    Adding your business logo to our Bambi Bags is a great way to increase your business visibility when out in public. Whether you're participating in expos, exhibitions, conferences, meetings, or other events, this branding strategy is highly effective for promoting your business.
  • It can promote your business while out and about

    Having your business logo on our Bambi Bags helps your business stand out where people can recognise your business logo. This may in turn promote your business and its services while you're on the move!
  • It's professional and provides a sense of unity

    A branded bag adds a touch of professionalism. It creates a sense of unity among employees and boosts their morale and sense of belonging to your business.
  • An attractive perk to your business

    A branded bag can be an attractive perk for potential employees! This may support your recruitment efforts and employee satisfaction during their onboarding process.
  • It's 100% tax deductible within Australia

    If you intend to purchase and use Bambi Bags for work purposes 100% of the time in Australia, you can claim 100% of the cost of our bags during tax time. We send a tax invoice for all orders after we ship your Bambi Bag.

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