Personalise your Bambi Bag

Is there a minimum quantity for custom orders?
Yes, due to rising costs we now have a minimum order amount of 4 bags if you'd like to get custom embroidery.

How much does it cost and what does the cost involve?

The cost of adding your logo is $90 per bag.

We want to make the process of adding your logo as easy as possible for you. However, it's important to acknowledge the physical demands associated with embroidering your logo. 
The cost of adding your logo involves:
  • Colour matching your logo to threads. 
  • Setting up the embroidery machine with stitching and threads specific to your logo. This means the embroidery team has to reset the machine each time they embroider a new logo.
  • Picking up and dropping off your Bambi Bags to get embroidered at a local embroidery warehouse.
  • Handling and shipping.

How do I add a logo?

Email us with the following:
  • Colour(s) of bag you want embroidered.
  • Quantity of bag for each colour.
  • Attach a copy of your logo in JPEG, PNG, or PDF file.
We will make a mock design of your logo on your selected colour bag and communicate with you via email to ensure you're happy with the size and positioning of your logo!

What is the turn around time?

Bambi Bags is proudly partnered with a local embroidery company here at Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast. We ask you to allow up to 3 weeks for your custom logo to be embroidered.

This means 3 weeks for embroidery plus another 5-7 days for handling and shipping.

This is an estimated timeframe only. Embroidery and delivery time may vary depending on order volume, external factors such as business trading hours, and public/show holidays.

What should I consider when putting my logo on?

Simplicity: Simple logos with clean lines and minimal intricate details tend to work best for embroidery. Avoid overly complex designs that may not translate well when stitched. However, if you do have a cool, complex design we can still do it - there will just be an added cost as we use more threads (if this is the case we will be in contact with you prior to getting it embroidered). 

Size: As the logo will be embroidered at 10cm very small details can be challenging to replicate accurately. Ensure your logo is scalable so it doesn't lose its integrity. 

Colour: Ensure your logo contrasts with your selected colour bag. You may need to simplify or adapt your logo depending on the colour bag you want.

Shape: We accept all shapes - whether your logo is circular, rectangle, triangle or just a one liner it can be embroidered. 

Licensing and Copyright: Ensure you have the necessary rights and permissions to use the logo for embroidery, especially if it's a copyrighted or trademarked logo.

Please ensure you have considered the design and colours of your logo on your Bambi Bag colour choice. If you want your business logo to pop and be visible, choose a bag colour that will show enough contrast between your logo and the bag. If you prefer to have a subtle business logo, choose a similar colour bag. Bambi Bags is not responsible for change of mind/returns/refunds after the logo is embroided on your Bambi Bag.

Where are the logos made?

We are proudly partnered with a local embroidery company here at Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast. This means we communicate with the company on your behalf, ensuring you are happy with the result. We also drop-off and pick-up your personalised Bambi Bags.

I just purchased the logo add-on but I change my mind or uploaded the wrong logo, can I change this?

Please email us your order number, name, and correct logo file within 24 hours at after your purchase so we can quickly rectify this.

Submit your logo enquiry below:

After we receive your enquiry we will send back a quote. If you are unable to successfully submit an enquiry please email us directly at

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