The Story

Hi, I'm Irina and I'm a Speech Pathologist on beautiful Gubbi Gubbi country, the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland. I am a mobile (travelling) therapist and am dedicated to supporting individuals of all ages. As a mobile therapist I carry most of my resources from one session to another. My previous work bags looked like a hot mess and was always scattered with cards, paper, pens, pieces of toys, and other random items. It was unorganised, flimsy, and was never large enough to fit all my essentials. It was hard to access my resources efficiently whenever I was in a session. This meant I often spent a few minutes just to unload and pack my bag - this was extremely frustrating for me!


To find a solution to my problem (and probably many of you out there reading this) I decided to take matters in my own hands. Since I could never find the right work bag, I took the leap and designed a bag myself! While I was designing it I quickly realised that it was not only useful for therapists like myself, but also practical for educators, professionals, families, parents, and busy individuals who frequently carry a multitude of items. With this in mind I made sure Bambi Bags were versatile, stylish, durable, and most importantly, functional. My vision is to create a timeless bag that can last for years to come, and this includes making it machine washable (probably my favourite part about it)!

I am proud that Bambi Bags can cater to both the practical needs of busy individuals and the demands of various roles. I hope you enjoy the benefits of the Bambi Bag and I am deeply grateful for your support ♡  



Irina  ♡